The subject of consent and how it impacts our personal and professional lives has been a subject of importance to me through my own experiences, my employment in workers’ compensation and legal industries, my pursuant duties in various roles as an EAP Ambassador and Safety Officer, as well as my artistic and speaking work.

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I’m currently in the process of researching consent and sexual harassment as workplace safety issues in the creative industries. The premise of the research project is to explore socially structural and industrial-level factors present in the particular vulnerability of creative workers when it comes to sexual harassment and assault. Through this research we’re aiming to identify these factors and potential proactive and preventative tactics.

We are recruiting for participants in anonymous interviews, from a diverse range of industry occupations and professional tiers, cultural contexts, gender and sexuality identities, and experiences living with disability. I am able to conduct interviews over the phone or via an online video communication portal, and we are connecting with people nationally all over Australia.

Participation is anonymous, redacting names, locations, gender markers, circumstantial descriptors etc. Participants do not need to think of themselves as having been through a sexually traumatic experience to have observed or considered or been impacted by sexual safety as a creative worker; other perspectives are valuable because they represent a large portion of the creative community. Participants do not need to currently work in the creative industries to participate; these perspectives will be valuable as points of comparison and expansion. I’ve been humbled to have the feedback that these interviews are non-threatening, and open to all perspectives, even unpopular ones.

If you are interested in participating, please email

This research is being supervised Dr Ben Eltham, and has been approved by Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (Project 12887).