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  • a Safeguarding Officer who can craft and deliver a bespoke program for your creative project [theatre/film, social media/marketing campaign, radio program/podcast] that involves anything including training, team-building, well-being support, content review and creative solutions around consent, safety, diversity and accessibility. I can consult on the consent elements of your creative project in terms of protocols or content, making the space safer, making the relationships stronger and more authentic, make the work communicate its meaning. Let’s chat via connect@brodie-turner.com – I love what I do, fees are negotiable.
  • a Speaker, Presenter or Facilitator at your event or organisation who can deliver the findings from their research project, ‘Consent in the Creative Industries’, or can speak to how consent and sexual violence prevention initiatives form part of a changing creative sector. Email me for a copy of the full report <connect@brodie-turner.com>
  • a Performer or Writer who has a deeper understanding  of consent and intimacy content. My StarNow needs updating, but it’s there. Click What I Write on your left for my personal blog.
  • information about ‘Burlesque by Force’, the one-human show exploring consent, sexual trauma, queerness and healing through poetry, movement, confession and candor. Click Producer/Performer on your left for details. Enquiries through to – you guessed it – connect@brodie-turner.com

I’m currently based in London, but am an avid wayfarer, so send me an email if you’d like to line up something in your part of the world. Once more, with feeling: connect@brodie-turner.com.

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Brodie Turner is a writer, producer/performer, and advocate for consent and confronting sexual violence in queer and artistic communities. He is currently the Safeguarding, Consent and Inclusion Coordinator for the immersive production of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Starting his career in theatre publicity (whilst employed in workers’ compensation and hip hop dance teaching), Brodie swiftly learned the production ropes supporting the independent sector in Adelaide Fringe Festivals which led to him being invited to work in London and Edinburgh. Prior to this opportunity, he wrote as a columnist for the Blaze magazine on behalf of Gay & Lesbian Community Services South Australia, where he was a telephone counselor and briefly sat on the Board. He also had articles printed in Verse, the student magazine for University of South Australia, where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations.

Upon returning to Australia, Brodie continued working as a publicist for small businesses, and produced ‘Male;Real/Ideal’, a photographic series exploring male self esteem. Moving to Melbourne to diversify his experience by supporting a nonprofit organisation’s administration and operations, he was soon published in ‘Heaven Bent‘, an edited book about spirituality and queer lives.

After transitioning into another organisation to teach trade apprentices about money management, he would be promoted within that organisation and move to Sydney. During this time, his writing was published by Mamamia, and another blog post received massive readership as it coincided with his role coordinating an Australian vigil for victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting, which was as part of a lobby group defending the Safe Schools program and the rights of LGBTQIA+ young people, their families and their allies.

Brodie then returned to Melbourne to be the co-creator, producer and performer of one-human show ‘Burlesque by Force’ sharing on consent and sexual trauma in the queer community, and previously produced and performed poetry immersion work ‘Eve St John’ at Testing Grounds. While he performed these works, he also completed a Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries with Monash University, and organised Consent Festival in partnership with community leaders, a one-day event exploring what consent means for and how it impacts the LGBTIQA+ community and their leaders, which opened the 2019 Midsumma Festival. He was also published in Archer Magazine on percepttions of sexual violence in the gay community and how art contributes to healing from sexual trauma.

A stint in Auckland, New Zealand saw Brodie step back into classrooms to teach workshops to secondary school students; ‘Mates & Dates’ consent & healthy relationships program on behalf of Empowerment Trust and Rape Prevention Education, ‘Bodysafe’ sexual violence prevention program on behalf of Rape Prevention Education, and his own developed program, ‘Consent Matters’. He also worked with Archer Magazine to run the launch event for their latest issue, and spoke at Creative Victoria’s annual summit on consent.

Brodie now resides in London working in theatre safeguarding, bringing his experiences, knowledge and passion around consent, sexual violence prevention, community well-being and inclusion into this work.